Welcome to enviroclaim

We are a progressive leader in the computer and electronics recycling industry and contribute to recycling as a means to better our world. Through our public services we strive to better our community through equal opportunity and a commitment to environmental stewardship by reduction of E-waste and by re-purposing computer and electronics.

Recycling Electronics is a very simple and eco-friendly process. We treat or process used electronics in order to make the materials more suitable for reuse. Our goal is to turn everything we collect into a reusable stream of components or commodities.

We are currently operate from Gauteng but are expanding our operation to Cape Town and Mpumalanga and will have a national presence soon.

Mission Statement

To become a premier WEEE recycler, providing all businesses and consumers an environmentally responsible way to dispose of their Electric and Electronic waste, and at the same time recover precious metals ,all of which conserves our resources and lessens the amount of waste going into landfills.



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Enviroclaim warehouse is situated in Bredell in the East Rand . We have 2 dedicated vehicles for daily collections and arrangements can be made for big consignments to be collected. We are a team of 10 strong on the operational side to do disassembling and stripping of goods. At EC we do the entry level destruction of electronic goods before we on sell it to BEE buyers , by on selling to BEE we are investing in our countries future . EC has also been developing staff from being a entry level strippers to a A+ computer technicians. All computers received we the hard format the hard drives before and further recycling takes place to ensure customer confidentiality is retained at all times. Please feel free to contact us for a site visit .



Urban Mining = Recycling

What is Urban Mining?

In the simplest terms, recycling is equal to urban mining. The broad definition is the reclaiming of compounds and elements from products, buildings and waste. Like a gold rush happening in the landfills!
Electronic goods contain large amounts of precious metals and other rare earth minerals in their refined form and are far more cost effective to reclaim than to mine. The difference is: right now we’re digging new commodities out the ground continuously and discarding that very same commodity in our landfills every time we discard our used electronic appliances without considering the effects. Even as the cost of gold escalated over the past decade, most developed and developing countries are slow to see the yield in urban mining.
There are four kinds of recyclers: “the fool, the criminal, the entrepreneur and the saint.” The fool and the criminal recycle for profit but without regard to the environment. Entrepreneurs make money through doing the right thing; and the saint does the right thing without needing to make a profit. We want everyone to be in the entrepreneur or saint camp.


Because we are a new player in the marketplace, we have the ability to employ the latest techniques and methodologies and the recycling process.


Enviroclaim ensures that the recycling process is optimized by staying abreast of global trends and methods of recycling.  This ensures optimum yield is achieved and it allows us to have very low waste levels compared to our competitors.


The recycling process is only effective if most of the raw components are recycled, and we try to achieve higher levels every month .